About us: We both grew up in the Midwest, and have attended Nazarene churches in Indiana and Michigan our entire lives. We both had the privilege of being children in Christian homes. Each of us accepted Christ as our Savior at a young age, but wholly committed ourselves during our teenage years. We have not been perfect, but have always tried our hardest to live Godly lives. By God's grace alone we have experienced the life-changing experiences of salvation and holiness.

We met at Olivet Nazarene University (2007-2011) and started dating our junior year. We were married in 2012 and have learned what it means to have a healthy marriage ever since. While we do not have any children, we do have an awesome dog named "Fenway"!

Ministry Experience: Pastor Cam and Allyse joined the Roanoke First family in June of 2017; he is currently serving as our Lead Pastor. Previously, Pastor Cam served as a Youth Minister at Indianapolis First Church of the Nazarene and Associate Pastor at Shepherd Community in Indianapolis. We both have experience in urban ministry, inner-city outreach, counseling, youth ministry, and the local church setting.

 What do you enjoy doing:       Cam enjoys kayaking, hiking, technology/design, and the Red Sox, Pacers, and Colts.

                                                    Allyse enjoys exercising, coffee-dates, and playing with Fenway!

Where did you grow up:  Pastor Cam was born in Anderson, Indiana, but moved around North-Central Indiana. Allyse was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan.

Why do we  love Roanoke First Church of the Nazarene: We fell in love with the people of this church immediately. The very next moment we realized how God has uniquely placed and prepared this church to reach the people in it's community. We have been thrilled to hear of all the great works that have happened, and cannot wait to see what God does next!

What is the Lord teaching us:  The Lord has been simplifying His call and instruction in our lives. It is not overly complicated: Love God, Love Others, and Help Others Love God. This is what God has been teaching us, and it is what He wants for us as a church.